The service process of commission service is: enquiry, providing survey results, providing final quotation and commission agreements, placing orders, payments, purchasing and shipping, after-sales and feedback

  • Enquiry
    The enquiry consists of 2 steps: a) you send us an enquiry. b) we choose the suitable suppliers for you.
    • you can contact us and send enquiries by any way. An enquiry should include the following information at least:
      • Whether do you need to use commission service type?
      • Part number: a complete and identifiable part number. Better to send us clear photos of products, including complete product nameplates if you have.
      • Quantity: please let us know the quantity when making an enquiry, because The price depends on the quantity sometimes.
      • Preference of purchasing: Purchasing preferences usually refer to the priority of the four basic factors of price, quality, delivery time and quality. If there are other requirements, please let us know in advance. This information will help us choose the right suppliers more efficiently and find products that better meet our needs. For example:
        I want a cheaper price, as long as the new and original parts, I can accept the delivery time within 8 weeks.'
        I urgently need to find short-term products with prices below RMB 400.'
        I ask that you must purchase from these suppliers.'
We do not hide supplier information from customer-specified suppliers.
    • Supplier selection criteria.
      • Choose the supplier that meets the requirements based on the priority of the customer's needs
      • Based on our understanding of the market, we prefer suppliers that have already traded or suppliers that have good sales and comment records. We may be looking for better suppliers.
  • Providing survey results
    The results of the survey include the products and services that the supplier can provide, the supplier's quotation for local buyers, and our advice based on market knowledge. The information contained in the survey results such as: price, delivery date, etc. is only the quote information of the supplier at the time, and the actual information depends on the transaction result. Our recommendations are based on our experience and information provided by suppliers. They are for reference only and we are not responsible for the accuracy of the recommendations. The currency of the survey results is based on the currency provided by the supplier. The price in the survey results is the price of the product or service provided by the supplier and exclude other costs that may arise during the purchase process, such as shipping costs. We do not provide specific information about suppliers in the survey results.

  • Providing final quotation and commission agreements
    Upon receipt of your purchase intent and needs, we will provide a complete and valid quotation. A complete and valid quotation should have a signature with the name and company seal, a specific expiration date, and be sent via company email. Complete quotes for commission service types include, but are not limited to, product prices, shipping charges, commission agreements, surcharges, etc. After signing the commission agreement, we will be deemed to have agreed on the service and commission fees. In the case of no change in the agreed service items, the commission fee remains the same. Commission Charges Details: Please contact us for the latest commission quote.

  • Order placing and confirmation
    When you place an order, please ensure that the order information is consistent with the quotation. We are not responsible for the consequences of any changing information without negotiation, These relevant information includes price, delivery date, quotation terms, etc. To avoid losses due to possible errors, please include the following information in your order:

    • Same part number as quotation
    • Quantity
    • Prices
    • Quality
    • Lead time
    • Other requests

After placing the order, please wait for our order confirmation. We will also check the order again and confirm that there are no errors. Then, you will receive our order confirmation including the PI number. If there are no problems, we think you have already understood the entire contents of the order. We are not responsible for the consequences and losses caused by buyers who have not read the quotation or order carefully.

  • Payment
    After receiving the order confirmation, please arrange payment and indicate the PI number when paying. All payments without a PI number default to prepayment. You can find our support payment method through this link.

  • Order processing and shipment
    We will process the order after receiving the payment. Once the goods arrive at the warehouse, we will contact you in time to confirm the product and delivery details. We are only responsible for the problems arising from the logistics we choose. We are not responsible for damage caused by force majeure, including but not limited to natural disasters, wars, government actions, etc.

  • Tariffs and receiving goods
    Generally, we won't afford tariffs. After receiving the goods, please check the goods firstly.

  • After sales service
    In the case of after-sales demand, you must first tell us that we will provide the corresponding negotiation service according to the commission agreement and feedback the result of the negotiation. We are not responsible for the final result of the negotiations. We will send you the process of negotiation through screenshots. In the case of accepting the return, you must first send the product that needs to be returned or replaced, and we will send it to the supplier after receiving it. According to the negotiation results, if the product is replaced, the supplier will ship again. If a refund is required, we will need to return it to you after the supplier has returned it to us.

Throughout the service, if you need the basis for the process or results, we can provide a screenshot of them. The above terms only apply to the explanation of the general process, the specific rules are subject to the 'Proformal Invoice / Order Confirmation'.