Returns and Refunds

We provide the products our customers need based on the order. Product after-sale time begins after the product arrives at the shipping address. If the customer needs after-sales service, we will provide solutions according to the terms of the after-sales service. Different business types have different after-sales processes and terms. Please check carefully when confirming the order. After-sales solutions include 'returns and refunds' and 'other solutions that need to be negotiated'.

    • Retails mode
      The retail after-sales terms apply only to products sold in online retail stores and products that support returns within 7 days. We will ship in strict accordance with customer orders. When using this product, please strictly follow the product instructions.

      • If the product is unused, the customer can request a return within 7 days after receiving the goods and provide the appropriate reason. After we confirm the return request, the customer will need to send the product to the specified return address. After receiving the goods, we will check if the products meet the return requirements. If there are no problems, we will refund the money to the customer's payment account. Please note that we do not bear the cost of returning. At the time of refund, we will deduct other expenses incurred during the return period, such as customs duties, handling fees for related businesses, etc.
      • If the customer is experiencing quality problems while using the product and submits a return request. Customer must provide usage environment parameters and third party test reports. If it can prove that there is a problem with the product itself, we will negotiate a return and refund plan with the customer, then execute the return and refund process according to the plan.

      • For products that do not support returns within 7 days, it is necessary to negotiate a solution based on the specific situation.

    • Commission mode
      If the customer needs after-sales service, they must first tell us that we will provide the corresponding negotiation service according to the commission agreement and feedback the negotiation result. However, we are not responsible for the final outcome of the negotiations. We will send you a negotiation process through a screenshot. If the supplier accepts the return, you must first send us the product that needs to be returned, and we will send it to the supplier upon receipt. According to the results of previous negotiations, if the product is replaced, the supplier will ship again. If a refund is required, we will return it to you after the supplier returns it to us.

    • Traditional trading mode
      We will resolve the issue by negotiating with the customer.

    • Transshipment mode
      Not applicable to after-sales service terms.