We help customers to get better prices and good quality products. Anyone want to find a way for saving money and time, and make the business easier. But how to do? Take it easy, we will help you to come true. There are 3 businesses: Traditional trading, Commission and Transshipment.


Traditional Trading --- We quote you prices for products, and you choose whether to take from us. this type is suitable for customers who don't familiar Chinese market. if there is any quality problem, we will take responsibility for it.


Commission --- There are 6% and 10% commission. We will provide you prices information of Chinese market, and you can choose which supplier we will take from. for commission type, we don't take responsibility for quality problem, the difference of 6% and 10% is that whether we will help you to talk to supplier if there is quality problem in the future. This commission type is suitable for customer who familiar with Chinese market, just need a helper who can help to do these:

a) communicate with suppliers.

b) arrange payment and shipment.

c) check and pack goods.

d) collect goods.

Now, you must say 'Is that mean if I choose the 6% commission, then no warranty in the future anymore?'.

The answer is 'of course not ' !!!

Do you want to know more? Please see the details --> here


Transshipment --- You can take goods from all over the world, and send them to HK which no tax there. When goods arrive to HK, we will provide service base on your request, then ship goods to you. Of course, our shipping is low, so it maybe can save some cost. Anyway, it is worth to do so.