Traditional Trading

The service process of traditional service is: enquiry, quotation, placing order and confirmation, payment, transportation, receiving and checking goods, After-sales feedback

  • Enquiry
    you can contact us and send enquiries by any way. An enquiry should include the following information at least:

    • Part number: a complete and identifiable part number. Better to send us clear photos of products, including complete product nameplates if you have.
    • Quantity: please let us know the quantity when making an enquiry, because The price depends on the quantity sometimes.
    • The quality you request: by default, we only supply new and original product. if you need other quality, such as used or refurbished, you should inform us in advance.
    • Shipping way: we will recommend a better shipping way for you based on the condition of the goods.
      • Shipping from: you can choose to send goods from Beijing or Hong Kong.
      • Shipping to: please tell us the destination in order to calculate the shipping cost.
    • If you have other request, please tell us in advance.
    • Quotation

      • Validity period:  when you receive our quotation, please note the validity period of the quotation.
      • Currency of quotation: for those products which are shipped from China mainland, we will use CNY(RMB). Otherwise, we will use USD, HKD or EUR.
      • Shipping cost: The shipping cost in the quotation is for reference only. In general, formal shipping cost will be determined when we provide 'Proformal Invoice/Order Confirmation'. Shipping cost maybe updated in the following cases:
        • The planned shipping way need to change.
        • Package changes
        • Long lead times
        • Logistics company adjusts freight
    • Order placing and confirmation
      When you place an order, please ensure that the order information is consistent with the quotation. We are not responsible for the consequences of any changing information without negotiation, These relevant information includes price, delivery date, quotation terms, etc. To avoid losses due to possible errors, please include the following information in your order:

        • Same part number as quotation
        • Quantity
        • Prices
        • Quality
        • Lead time
        • Other requests
      After placing the order, please wait for our order confirmation. We will also check the order again and confirm that there are no errors. Then, you will receive our order confirmation including the PI number. If there are no problems, we think you have already understood the entire contents of the order. We are not responsible for the consequences and losses caused by buyers who have not read the quotation or order carefully.
      • Payment
        After receiving the order confirmation, please arrange payment and indicate the PI number when paying. All payments without a PI number default to prepayment. You can find our support payment method through this link.

      • Order processing and shipment
        We will process the order after receiving the payment. Once the goods arrive at the warehouse, we will contact you in time to confirm the product and delivery details. We are only responsible for the problems arising from the logistics we choose. We are not responsible for damage caused by force majeure, including but not limited to natural disasters, wars, government actions, etc.

      • Tariffs and receiving goods
        Generally, we won't afford tariffs. After receiving the goods, please check the goods firstly.

      • Warranty
        It depending on the specific product.

      • Returns and refunds
        Please see returns and refunds