What you must understand is that we will only provide you with logistics advice and help you place logistics orders at the carrier, while charging an operating fee of RMB 50 per shipping order.


You must ensure that your destination address information is accurate and that logistics can arrive there, and we are not responsible for any other issues that arise during shipment.


When the goods arrive in the carrier's area (Hong Kong), please let us know that we will track the goods from this point to ensure that the goods can be delivered to the carrier in time and processed. In the process of starting the transshipment of the goods at the carrier, we will promptly tell you the transfer order number and the actual cost.


When placing a logistics order, we will fill out the order exactly as you requested. If the goods are detained during the transshipment process because of the transport of the embargoed goods, we are not responsible for it. Unless the carrier takes the initiative to return the goods and notify us, we will not contact the carrier and retrieve the detained goods. We will not bear the additional costs incurred in the process of retrieving the goods.