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SQN30.402A2700, SIEMENS, Actuator

SQN30.402A2700, SIEMENS, Actuator


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SQN30.402A2700 - Actuator, 90°/30s, 3Nm, 3 auxiliary switches, AC230V.

Electromotoric actuators for use with air dampers and control valves of oil or gas
burners of small to medium capacity.

The SQN3... / SQN4... actuators are designed to drive gas and air dampers on small to
medium-capacity oil or gas burners or for the load-dependent control of fuel and
combustion air volume:
- In connection with P-PI or PID controllers, such as the RWF...
- Directly via the different types of burner controls, such as LOA..., LMO..., LMG... or
- In connection with 1- or 2-wire control or 3-position controllers

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