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6B040P-2N, Troy, DC Brushless Motor

6B040P-2N, Troy, DC Brushless Motor


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DC Brushless Motor(UBS Series)

  • Standard type : simple operation, easy to control transmission application
  • Electromagnetic brake type : simple operation, easy to control transmission application, move up and down, or with loading function
  • Speed control range : 250~2000 rpm
  • Low temperature, high efficiency, power saving
  • Small volume, space saving
Specifications and characteristics of Motor/Driver
Motor output power 20W 40W 60W 90W
Round shaft Motor (M: E/M brake type)
Pinion shaft Motor (M: E/M brake type)
Driver UBD020-□N UBD040-□N UBD060-□N UBD090-□N

Input power Voltage

-1 Type Single Phase
50/60 HZ
Max. Current (A) 2.4 2.4 2.5 2.9
Rated Current (A) 0.59 0.99 1.48 1.93
-2 Type Single Phase Max. Current (A)
50/60 HZ
Max. Current (A) 1.7 1.7 1.7 1.7
Rated Current (A) 0.33 0.56 0.82 1.05
Starting Torque (Nm)
Rated Torque (Nm)
Allowable load inertia GD2(Kgcm2) 14.01 23.23 39.42 54.23

E/M Brake

Only E/M brake series have E/M

Input line voltage(V) DC24 DC24
Consumption power(W) 6.5 7.5
Maintenance(Nm) 0.3 0.5
Attraction time(ms) 30 33
Release time(ms) 87 95
Speed control range(r/min) 250~2000
Speed variation rate
To load -1%Max at 2000r/min, no load~rated load.
To voltage ±2% Voltage variation ±15%, at 2000r/min, no load.
To temperature ±2% 0+40°℃ at 2000r/min, no load.
Slow start/Slow down time set up Slow start 0.5~8sec, Motor from 0~2000r/min when no load
Slow stop 0.5-7sec, Motor from 2000~0r/min when no load
Speed control method
  • Controlled by front panel knob for speed
  • Controlled by back panel knob for speed
Signal input/output methods
  • Photo coupler input interface
  • Transistor Open Collector output interface
  • Directly switch to control the Motor start /stop from the front panel "RUN / STOP"
  • Motor constant torque output (FLAT TORQUE) within the speed control range
  • Instantaneous brake to stop, slow start / slow stop (SLOW START/SLOW DOWN)
  • When brake to stop all electric type holding role
Protection function When protective function is activated, Motor will coast to a stop drive ALARM contact signal output
  • Overload Protection:
When exceeding the rated torque of Motor running at least 7 seconds, it starts operation
  • Overlheat Protection:
When Driver is internal heat sink temperature exceeds 80°C, starts operation
  • Overvoltage Protection:
(1)Up and down, winding or exceeds the allowable load inertia during operation, starts operation
(2)When Driver voltage of the AC power input more than about 35%, starts operation
  • Lowvoltage Protection:
Driver input AC power voltage is lower than about 20%, starts operation
  • Offline Protection:
When Motor cable disconnect, starts operation
Insulation impedance Applies DC500V high resistance meter test, power, F.G grounding, I/O terminal resistance value is over 100MΩ
Insulation high voltage Power and F.G connect to ground, terminals pass with 1.8KV/60Hz high voltage, power and I/O connectors pass with 3KV/60Hz high voltage for 1 minute, no abnormal condition
Ambient temperature/Humidity range 0~+40℃, under 85% relative humidity (avoid dust and erosion, combustion gas)


Dimension: 11.0 x 7.4 x 6.0 (cm)

Weight: 1100 g

Condition: New

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