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CUTEBEE Antiquity Book Nook Chinese Style Doll House Kit with Touch Light Dust Cover 3D Puzzle Toy Gift Ideas Su Dongpo's Life

CUTEBEE Antiquity Book Nook Chinese Style Doll House Kit with Touch Light Dust Cover 3D Puzzle Toy Gift Ideas Su Dongpo's Life


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【Unique Design Concept】

Journey through the river of history and experience the poetic life of Su Shi. This DIY kit immerses you in the world of ancient charm. It includes traditional ornaments, classic poems of Su Shi, and a delicate model of ancient architecture, allowing you to find a touch of ancient elegance in modern life. Each piece is brimming with stories, waiting for you to explore. Spend time with Su Shi, and embrace his life's demeanor, nourishing and relaxing your soul.


We bring you an interesting DIY desk NOOK, which is not a finished product, but a set of parts that need to be assembled. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, our colorful manual will guide you step by step through this miniature kit. It's a great way to connect with teens and adults, while also inspiring you to plan and build like a true engineer.

【Exquisite Decoration】

BOOK NOOK is not just a DIY book corner project, but also an exquisite collection and decoration. By adding a dustproof feature, we ensure that the indoor scene will always remain clean and intact, adding to its long-lasting collectible value. The miniature world contains rich scenes and interesting imagination. When your eyes rest on that vibrant corner on the bookshelf, it will bring you a different imagination.

【Perfect Gift】

Want a creative and wonderful gift? No one can resist our DIY Book Nook! It is more delicate than ordinary handmade products. In addition to enjoying the fun of DIY, it is also an excellent decoration. Giving it as a gift to your family, friends or lovers will surely deepen the intimacy between each other.

【Exquisite Details】

In the midst of changing circumstances, stay true to oneself and live authentically.
Every setting whispers a tale. Allow me to usher you through the annals of time, to savor the nuanced life and demeanor of Su Shi (Su Dongpo) .

In the precincts of Kaifeng, Su Shi's success in the imperial examinations ignited the spark of his life. Like the rising dawn, his talents shone like sunlight, warming the entire era. His triumph pays homage to perseverance and dreams, inspiring future generations to believe that with unwavering pursuit, any challenge can be conquered.

The shadow of the Imperial Censorate never deterred Su Shi from pursuing his dreams. His life was like a beautiful melody, transcending hardships and setbacks. If we could be as resilient as he was, finding brilliance amidst adversity, even when fate plays its tricks, we could still discover hope in the rainbow after the storm. Follow your heart, and dare to soar! ️️

Their gazes met, and in a few fleeting words, they understood it all. The bond of brotherhood, gentle as a spring stream, resilient as a mountain breeze, flowed between their hearts. This encounter on the bridge, frozen in time, was an eternal vow of kinship.

In the exile years of Huangzhou, Su Shi, amid hardships, cultivated his talents, and blossomed in adversity. Atop the Red Cliffs, with his pen as his companion, ️ he inscribed timeless masterpieces. Let us learn from Su Shi, rising from the depths, and penning our own magnificent chapters!

Pay no heed to the rustling leaves in the woods,
Why not sing and chant, proceed at leisure.
With bamboo staff and straw shoes, more easily than horses,
Who fears? ️ In a cloak, amid misty rain, ️ let life be a leisurely journey.

Beneath the Red Cliffs, Su Shi and his friends leisurely sailed on a boat, embracing the breathtaking beauty of nature. As night descended, the melodies of the zither and flute filled the air, and their hearts blended with the natural world.

Across a thousand miles, our souls remain intertwined. No matter how life's fortunes ebb and flow, our feelings endure like the radiant moonlight, eternally beautiful. This is a profound longing, yearning for timeless companionship and shared moments.

【Warm Reminder】

The product needs to be assembled, just follow the installation manual in the package.

Product does not include tool glue and batteries as they cannot pass customs, silicone liquid glue and two pcs batteries(type AAA LR03) are recommended.

Resale of cutebee products requires authorization, please contact customer service.

【Brand and certificate】

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