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RTM-400, Schmidt, Belt Tension Meter

RTM-400, Schmidt, Belt Tension Meter


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Measuring range max. 10 - 800 Hz. Trummeter for measuring belt tension and for control the strand force of V-belts, tooth belts, power belts or similar. The optimal life time of a belt is depending on the correct belt tension. The measured value is shown as frequency in Hz or strand force in N.

Standard Features

  • Belt tension devise for easy and safe operation
  • Trummeter with rugged, handy plastic housing
  • Microprocessor controlled belt tension meter
  • Belt tension tester for measurements with highest precision

Special Features

  • Measuring principle: Frequency measurement by LED light while the belt is not moving. The belt is toughed by hand to create vibration.
  • The readings can be displayed as frequency (Hz) or strand force (N or lbf)
  • The belt tension meter RTM-400 includes a display unit as well as 2 measuring probes:
    – plug in probe for one-hand operation
    – measuring probe with cable for limited access space
  • For determinating the belt force in Newton, 2 parameters are needed. Thereby the following restrictions are obtained:
    – free strand length 9.99 m
    – belt mass up to 9.999 kg/m
  • Belt tension meter with measuring range 10 – 800 Hz
  • Belt tension tester with multilingual operator guidance and display (German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish)
  • Manufacturer`s calibration report is included


Measuring range: 10 – 800 Hz
Digital sampling error: < 1 %
Indicator error: ±1 Hz
Total error: < 5 % of measuring value
measuring units:
Hz (Frequency) or
N, lbf (Strand force)
Measuring distance: 3 – 20 mm
Display: 2 line LCD, 16 characters per line
Languages: 10 languages (German, English, French, Italian, Spanish,
Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish)
Input ranges: Free strand length: up to 9.99 m
Belt mass: up to 9.999 kg/m
Temperature ranges: Operation: +10 °C … 50 °C, Transport: -5 °C … +50 °C
Air humidity: 85 % RH, max.
Power supply: 9 V – Battery
Housing: Plastic (ABS)
Dimensions: 126 x 80 x 37 (LxWxH)
Weight net (gross): Approx. 170 g (660 g)

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